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Deals United was developed in response to the ever increasing popularity of group buy/daily deal/coupon websites and the need for an easy and convenient way of finding all the best deals. With Deals United, you can find all of the daily deal/group buy/coupon sites in one place. You can also sign up for our daily e-mail to have all your local deals delivered to your inbox at once, rather than having to look through several messages from each deal provider. We also provide updates via our Facebook and Twitter pages, so follow us today!

What is Group Buying?

Group buying, also known as collective buying, is based on the premise of bulk buying in that products and services can be offered at reduced prices, provided that a minimum number of buyers commit to making purchases. Once this minimum number of purchases is met, the deal becomes available to all purchasers. Buyers are encouraged to share the deal through social media websites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in order to attract more buyers so that the minimum number of purchases is met and everyone can then benefit from the deal. Coupons or vouchers are delivered via email or download for taking directly to the merchant for redemption via a printed copy of the coupon (some sites also offer the option to redeem via proof of purchase on a mobile device) or via proof of purchase on a mobile device). If the minimum number of purchases is not met, the buyer's credit card is never charged and no one gets the deal. This concept has been around for many years, with origins in China (團購 (tuángòu) or "team buying"), but the Internet and social media have allowed it to expand across the globe.

Benefits of Group Buying

Consumers benefit from this collective buying power is by receiving up to 90% discounts on advertised items. The drawback for consumers is that often the deals have a limited time availability, hence the decision to purchase must be made quickly.

Businesses also benefit from this buying model too, as it allows them to attract consumers that they may not have reached via other marketing techniques, and with deals only becoming available after a guaranteed number of purchases, they can secure a large number of customers and boost cash flow very quickly. A one-time discount can attract hundreds to thousands of new customers to their business to try their products and services and potentially go on to become long term repeat customers. Businesses need to be aware of associated costs involved, not just as a result of discounting their services, but also the cost for listing on group buying sites. The potential return on investment should be weighed up in order to avoid underselling products to a point that no profit is ultimately made.

Group Buying on the Internet

While online group buying has been around to some degree for some years, it was not until the 2010s that the concept took off on a large scale, becoming a billion dollar industry worldwide. Dozens of group buying sites have since launched to varying degrees, some of which specialise in niche markets. As a result, consumers are often overwhelmed with choices and several daily emails from each of the different sites. In response to this, Deals United was established in 2011 as a way of aggregating all of these sites into one. Consumers can now find deals from all of the deal sites on Deals United and can also subscribe to our daily deals emails.

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